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Who are official representatives?

Representatives are our closest partners, who thoroughly know our company and are willing to share their own experience of investing. You can contact your nearest representative for further information and advice on the choice of investment strategy. Today we have a large network of representatives in dozens of countries, and the majority has been added to this section. Representatives can help you overcome the language barrier and to receive information in full in your own language.

What are the advantages of representatives?

First of all, representatives are getting the latest information about any news or updates in the trust management project of We include contacts of representatives on our special subscription list with financial reports every three months. In addition to direct contact with the management of the company representatives have the opportunity to increase reward for attracting investors. Instead of the standard 6% commission representatives receive 10%. Their contact details and unique affiliate link are placed in this section, which significantly increases the probability of their earnings.

How to become a representative?

Any of you can become a representative. To do this you need to have a deposit of a certain amount and fill in the online application by contacting the support. It will require minimum of your personal and contact details, which will be added to the website. Consideration of applications for representatives status takes up to 5 working days. Once your information has been added to this section, your affiliate commission will be increased to 10%.
Our affiliate program
The first generation is 2%, the second generation is 3%,
and the third generation is 6%.
If you want to increase your partnership reward up to 10%, become a regional representative of the company in your own country! This gives you the opportunity to significantly increase your earnings. Any members can become representative regardless of the country. To do this:
Member must have an active deposit of $100 or more. Member must have 5 active downline and should know the compnay very well. Once the above condition are fulfil then only one can apply for representative.
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